Rewriting History

Rewriting History is a Fat Old Man cover version album. It is free to download from the link below. The link will take you to a file sharing site. Choose the slow or free etc option. There will normally be a little visual task to do to show you’re human and also a short wait either before or after the task. Then they will give you a link to download the zip file. It will then take about half an hour (maybe less) to download.

Extract the zip file and you will get all the tracks, CD covers and notes.


Until it has been trialed for a while the songs will still be available to play on this page.

We ve had several complaints that the bass is overwhelming in How Soon Is Now when played on a hi-fi (not mobile). We are looking into this. At the moment we suggest turn the bass down on your playing device, while Fat Old Man looks to remix it for CDs and stereos (not mobiles). Then if you email us with an address, we can resend a new version of the CD!! Sorry.

Click on this link to download Rewriting History from keep2share

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For a short time only, all tracks from Rewriting History will be available to play from this page

Little Red Ridinghood was originally by Sam The Sham and has been covered by many other artist. This is Fat Old Man’s remastered version with American singer Spuhtz. Avid Fat Old Man fans might recognise the voice.

“How Soon Is Now” was originally by The Smiths and is considered a classic from the 80s. Fat Old Man decided giving the track an 80s keyboard overhaul. All keyboards are using a DX7 [if that means anything to you] and drums using Linn electronic drums [if that means anything to you].

He then added an 80s sounding heavy metal guitar solo. making the sound pure 80s. He thinks that when Morrissey hears it, he will approve.

“I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You” was originally by The BeeGees and is about a man on death row about to be executed. Fat Old Man recorded several versions, some full on Fat Old Man crazy, however be decided a simpler version would suit the album more.

“So What” was originally by the Anti Nowhere League and became even more famous (infamous) when Metallica did a cover. Full of swearing and offensive language, it has become a punk classic. This Fat Old Man version was recorded a few years back.

16 Tons was written by Merle Travis and was first released in 1947. Since then many artists have covered it. Fat Old Man decided to do several mixes, from normal to outright crazy. After several requests here is the crazy version. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Fat Old man ยท 16tons

Mother’s Little Helper was originally by The Rolling Stones on their classic album – Aftermath. Here we have Fat Old Man, as usual doing the instuments and Drakpete (The King Of The London Singalong Scene) on vocals.

Unguarded Moment was originally recorded by The Church. Fat Old Man first recorded a version for Antithesis III. Fat Old Man used to play it as an encore and it soon became a fan favourite so Fat Old Man typically dropped it from his set. He has now recorded a new version for Rewriting History.