Old and Rare Tracks

Here are some old and rare tracks that can not be downloaded from download and streaming sites.

I Don’t Know What Blue Grass Is

I quick, fun and almost psychedelic piece of Blue Grass inspired music. Another possible track for the “maybe” album of stereotypical music from around the world.

A Classic Piece Of Flamenco

An odd piece of music and a bit out of place here. However Fat Old Man is thinking about doing an album of stereotypical music from around the world. Watch this space.

This piece is easily downloaded. Click on the three dots to the rright of the music and follow instructions.

I Started A Joke Instrumental

Tis was originally an idea for Rewriting History but was only just started. Fatter’s brother didn’t realise that he could play guitar so he finished recording it as an instrumental. It was originally written and recorded by the Bee Gees.

Fat Old man · Joke Instrumentalmp3

Bang Bang

This was on the CD version of Eastbourne Pier Burning (2005). This predates at least 2 chart singles by other artists It was originally recorded by Sonny and Cher and written by Sonny Bonno. Fat Old Man seems to have forgorren this classic. It maybe the best version of the song yet!

Testing Times

This was on the original Antithesis CD (2002) which was only available from this website’s online shop.It’s an instrumental that was composed while Fat Old Man was testing new keyboards and sounds. It was not meant to be released but after a bit of persuasion he decided to put it on the CD.


This was on Antithesis 2 (2005). It is clear that Fat Old Man is still experimenting with keyboards, It is very minimalist and is very different to other tracks on the CD. Antithesis 2 has many tracks that he now plays live, however Funky is not one.

The Man Who Sold The World

This was originally on the CD version of The Smaller Slice Of Cake (2004). It was originally by David Bowie.This was not an attempt to replicate the song but to experiment with a classic. Like all the cover versions on Fat old Man’s CDs it seems to get very little airing. The track has been put on here as a tribute to the great man (Bowie not Fatters)


This was also on Antithesis 2 (2005) and again very experimental. Those who have seen Fat Old Man live may remember the track. It shows at the time he had very little interest in vocals, recording on the first attempt with no rehearsing at all (things have changed since then) He is thinking of rerecording this and some others from those early days for release.

Fat Old man · Uninspired

This Fat Old Man

This was originally on Antithesis 2 (2005). Those who are lucky to have seen Fat Old Man live over the last few years will know that he often comes onto stage with this playing..It sets the mood for the rest of the gig.