Fat Old Man Music

Here are a selection of Fat Old Man tracks to stream. As Fat Old Man covers a lot of styles and genres, it is worth listening to several tracks until you find one you like. There are many more tracks available (covering many more styles and genres) on streaming and download sites such as Spotify, Amazon etc.

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Alligator Clanger (2023) A bit of fun: while recording a more serious, gritty version of the brilliant Jimmy C Newman’s Alligator Man, Fat Old Man came up with this. Mrs Fat suggested it sounded like Clangers, hence the title and art. Maybe he will release the grittier version when it is finished.

Theme To Blake 7 (2022) This was very time consuming and Fat Old Man decided to release the best version he had instead of making it perfect.

Middle Aged Ravers (2020) – an old school rave track inspired by some middle aged ravers that Fat Old Man met and complained that new rave tracks missed the point!

Space 1999 (2020 – Fat Old Man decided to do this after watching repeats of this cult series on The Horror Channel)

The Persuaders (2018 – a cover of the theme tune from The Persuaders – the cult series from the early 70s. There are also some vocals from Fat Old Man’s band in the 80s!!!)

It All Sounds The Same (2017 – from the album Therapy. It’s not typical of the rest of the album which is much weirder but shows off some blues skills

Gimme Shelter No commentary (2016 – for The Gimme Shelter Guitar Marathon for the charity Shelter. It was recorded to show the versatility of this wonderful Guitar)

Little Miss Perfect (2015 – from the album The World According To Fat Old Man – low quality version)

Bitch Queen (2014 – from the album The World According To Fat Old Man)

Tickled Pink (2013 -Recorded for The Tickled Pink Guitar Marathon for Breast Cancer Research and on the album The World According To Fat Old Man)

Shallow (2009 sounds much better than this in high quality on the album Middle-Class Fatasies)

I Don’t Want To Be Fat 2008 (Rockabilly Style 2008 From Middle-Class Fantasies)

Rockabilly Sillybilly – A Tribute To Rat Pfink (2008 – From Middle-Class Fantasies)

Sugar Baby Love Originally by The Rubettes (From Dante’s Karaoke Bar – 2008)

See Emily Play (Originally by Pink Floyd – on Stained 2007)

Repo Man (From Eastbourne Pier Burning-2005)

Eastbourne Pier Burning (From Eastbourne Pier Burning-2005)

I Think But I Don’t Know (From a Smaller Slice of cake – 2004)

Bad Women (From A Smaller Slice Of Cake-2004)

Mathilda Mother Originally by Pink Floyd (From Antithesis III-2003 and Stained 2007)

Sleazy World (From Antithesis II-2003)

I Don’t Want To Be Fat (From Antithesis-2002)