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16th Feb. Photos are aback up but new ones cant be uploaded.All song links are back up. Photos will be slowly added over the next few weeks. Delays in the new album means it may not be released until early 2018, but Fat Old Man will release some rare recordings or even new tracks for free on this website, before then, so keep coming back. New art etc will be uploaded soon as well as new comments etc.The new album has a more experimental feel as Fat Old Man tries to capture the feel of the now legendary Antithesis albums (which many have not heard due to not being on download sites). More details at the bottom of this page.

At last a new Middle Aged Psychos song on the Middle aged Psychos page - a cover version of the punk classic So What by The Anti Nowhere League (made famous by Metallica).A colaboration with the Australian artist Salty has been put on the collaborations and remixes page.

Fat Old Man is busy playing gigs world wide!!

Tracks from most of Fat Old Man's CDs (including The World According to Fat Old Man) can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other download sites.If you want to contact Fat Old Man about anything email: mail@fatoldman.co.uk

One of our favourite gigging artists here is Fat Old Man, with a stunnimg collection of albums under his belt and a perpetual movement approach to gigging.

...is the Fat Old Man, a fixture of the live circuit over the last (gord knows how many) years, and a supreme, punk songwriter of the old school. But much as I'd love to introduce you to his music, that will have to wait for another day as this is instead the first instalment of a journey that will see us tiptoe through the tulips of a guitar collection as idiosyncratic as the man himself, that is never straightforward, always visually intriguing but never forgets that each guitar is a tool and has to earn its corn...


 If you are new to Fat Old Man's eccentricities, I recommend his new album, The World According to Fat Old Man. It has a much more mainstream sound than his previous albums but it still has enough convention breaking madness for his hardcore fans. Songs that particularly stand out are I Don't Want and Little Miss Perfect.

he is bonkers cool, which we like lotso

weirder than mike skinner; easier to dance to than syd barrett

I was intrigued by Fat Old Man's material! "I Think But I Don't Know" I felt blended particularly nicely Fat Old Man's fascinating lyrics and excellent musical backing tracks. Really unique, inventive music - usually all too much of a rarity in today's music scene!

First-rate chip-shop hip-hop from the Becks-guzzling bard of Eastbourne (or lard of Eastbourne, depending on your point of view?). Home-made gems such as The Smaller Slice Of Cake and Eastbourne Pier Burning ...

"The most surprising thing about Fat old Man's music is how diverse it is Fat Old Man manages to blend so many genres together and it came out sounding great. Very few artists can genre jump and it come out being decent, let alone very well put together like this. Each song has so many elements in it and so it is no surprise that Fat Old Man has eclectic mix of fans. He incorporates something for everyone to enjoy in his songs. The songs are happy, they are relaxing, they are silly, makes you want to dance, makes you want to think, they are fun but serious at the same time. I think too many artists are scared to experiment and cross over into new things because they are too worried about staying 'punk' or 'metal' or 'pop' or 'hip hop' or whatever it may be and they just end up sounding generic and diluted, unlike Fat Old Man."

"Not quite as stout or aged as his name suggests, Fat Old Man looks something like a sleazier John Sessions. At one recent gig, the ironic "Bad Women and Intercourse" became an unlikely anthem adopted by the lager louts in the audience, who threw bread rolls at him until he agreed to sing it again. Fat Old Man likes a tipple on stage and is not afraid to let it all hang out while Mrs Fat operates the backing tapes and the audience is conquered by the sheer bloody cheek of his (non-) performance."

" It reminds me of Gorillaz, yet real unique." Spitz from The HAA Group.

"Yes, he's fat, he's old and he's a man, goddamit! He also lives rather appropriately in Eastbourne where it is a tradition for old people to go to spend their twilight years. Recently, the Man has been receiving a lot of e-mails from some slightly scary gangsta rappers from East LA who for some reason think he's a kindred spirit. A sort of grown-up, thinking man's The Streets with a better sense of humour. Excellent new CD Eastbourne Pier Burning is out now."

Stained: "a collection of technodelic tracks that are in keeping with the experimental spirit of early Pink Floyd."


Comments On The Music: (for more comments see main menu)

Hey. Your tune Bad Women and Intercourse is amazing! I Know it's pretty old song but still love this tune!!!

:) come play Newcastle soon

Hot in more ways than one

Luv u

Wow! I wasn't expecting that.


Keep up the crazy shit.Hmmmmmmmmm.

let me think I loooooove it

Your musics awesome

Great and very hard to categorise

it really is excellent

That is f?$%^&*(g brilliant, I love it :)

no 2 tracks the same :)

all great lovin your downloads

Me and my friends here listening to your Shallow its hot soundin hot!

i love you

I love your music

Really liked "Eastbourne pier Burning", it reminds me of something but can't think what

Enjoying your music.

I really enjoy your music

bin bouncin 2 all ur toons - up fatters

just stopped by to tell you that your music is worth listening

I love your tune Shallow

I must say you are very very talented

Liking your stuff!

by the way i love the band name haha :)

i like the songs :)

We think you're rockin BADDASS!!

your the best =]

Awesome music

Great sounds...

I love how raw the production is.

it's like you captured a moment in time.


just listened to it again and iTunes picked figure of fun by the birthday party to go next to it. and you know what? it didn't sit that bad. you're in good company

great track.and really seriously good arrangement and production

your music is fun. Send good energy from Hamburg

you got it HaPpnin'..................WOW

Great Page and Style..

hey, got here via a recommendation from Emyr Thomas. Nice work!!

Your tunes kind of remind me of J.J. Burnell of The Stranglers solo album.

Your lyrics make me smile!


Loving your work

Truly awesome sound!

Some interesting things swirling round here.Liking "Repo Man" in particular.

it's a real pleasure listening to your music! very inspired and charming!

Your music is great!! And nice sound!!!!!!!

You've got a nice sound.

I think but I just... is great! Keep it up :-)


lovin' the tunes

Your stuff is pleasingly strange and incoherant. And you're called Fat Old Man. What's missing from this picture? Nothing at all, that's what. Well done.

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If you want to leave a comment about Fat Old Man's music  email him at mail@fatoldman.co.uk 


Reviews of recent gigs:

Gig Preview: This is a rare chance to see Eastboune's legendary, reclusive, songsmith, Fat Old Man.

It was really entertaining .The shows in Brighton & your music is fun!!

another classic F.O.M. performance!

Must say that I enjoyed your set at No Wankers Aloud last night, was most entertaining.

Fat Old Man was ace and Fat Old Man's mate was a lunatic! Highlights for me were ... Fat Old Man's quite alarming rendition of Waiting for the Worms...

Fat Old Man's football chant could be a hit single if he cared to put it out there into the world

The Fat Old Man is a great stage performer. Also with lots of humour!

I thought Fat Old Man's set was rather good, different , and a bit of ob je dar

Pink Floyd:

Fat Old Man has always been a big fan of Pink Floyd and has performed at Pink Floyd Tribute nights doing his psychadelic/techno versions of early Pink Floyd tracks. Fat Old Man's cover version of Pink Floyd's On The Run is part of Neptune Pink Floyd's 3 CD tribute None Of Us Is Pink ans Fat Old Man's version of Waiting For The Worms is included on Neptune Pink Floyd's 3 CD tribute NPF Tribute Volume 2: The Return of the Sons of Neptune. Versions of Chapter 24 and Mathilda Mother were going to be included in an up and coming tribute CD set. Sadly due to copyright reasons the sets of CDs are no longer available at http://www.neptunepinkfloyd.co.uk/ any more.


Future projects:

Fat Old Man is working on an as of yet unnamed album which hopefully will be released in 2017. After such positive reviews for The World According To Fat Old Man, he has decided to go back to a more challenging style (a little like the Antithesis Albums). There may be well over 10 tracks or he might save some for another album next year. He will have a couple of songs based on real people!!! (he will have changed the names to stop any embarressment). It will include House Of The Rising Sun which he recorded with Australian artst Salty. A different version of this can be downloaded from the collaborations page.

Fat Old Man has decided to do a general covers CD not linked with Dante's Karaoke, which gives him more scope and choice of songs. This may not be released due to copyright. It is worth looking at the Old and Rare page to download some of these tracks.

Fat Old Man may record a CD of re-recorded tracks from previous bands/projects that he has been involved in.

The CD, The World According To Fat Old Man is now available from the online shop and soon from the usual download sites (itunes, Amazon etc)